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3D Video types explained

The 'I can almost touch it' experience really brings whatever you have filmed to life and enables you to really sell your product or service. Watching a 3D property video can increase the chances of a purchase.

Real Property Tours cameramen are accredited CSCS card holders for construction sites.

3D is at the cutting edge of filming techniques employing new equipment, software and technology to create truly memorable visual 3D journeys.

Call us on 020 7610 9090 to find out more about our 3D property videos and how they can benefit you.

watching a 3D video

Different 3D video types


anaglyph 3D glasses
This is the oldest format and has been around since at least the 1940's and use a method called Complimentary Colour Anaglyphs, this effectively screens out certain colours to each eye creating a 3D image.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses can be used for print and photography as well as 3D films and 3D computer games.

Whilst the quality of Anaglyph has improved over the years, you will most likely find active or passive mode 3D far better for 3D videos.


These glasses act as small LCD screens (shutter glasses), when a voltage is applied the lens goes 'dark' or shutter closes. Each eye sees a slightly different angle of the image and each lens being synchronised with the screen. The shutters open and close alternating between the two lenses.

You will need active glasses which can cost between £50 and £150 to watch an active screen.

Active glasses deliver a higher resolution image, a superior image but the cost of the glasses reduces how many people can watch the screen at one time.

active shutter 3D glasses


passive 3D glasses
Polarisation is another form of viewing 3D video and the glasses work by filtering wavelengths of visible light to each eye.

Passive glasses are very affordable (56 pence for none branded) and are often branded with the client name or logo.

Passive glasses do not have the same high resolution viewing as the active screens but work well for large audiences and the obvious marketing benefits of the branding.

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